2018 Just Being Frank


12.9% Alc/vol  750 mL

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瑞柯兰天酒庄坐落在不列颠哥伦比亚省舒斯瓦普湖地区的中心地带,北纬 50 度。 我们的葡萄园享受阳光普照的白天和凉爽的夜晚,最大限度地发挥葡萄品种的特色,并为生产以其干净的结构、浓郁的风味和完美的平衡而闻名的屡获殊荣的葡萄酒奠定了基础。

Blaufrankisch is not a well-known grape varietal, but this late-ripening red grape with Austrian heritage packs plenty of flavour and aroma, and the wine is rich in tannin and has a definite spicy character, especially on the finish. To make it simpler to remember, we’ve called this one Just Being Frank, as it speaks for itself very well.